The trade fair brings vendors and buyers together. It plays an important role in informing others, and it has become a venue where the industry's experts meet. It has also become a forum for discussing economic and development-related issues that are of relevance to companies.

Mariusz Łęgowski
Managing Director

Each day we managed to contact several potential business partners. We have the opportunity to meet foreign partners in a more exciting atmosphere.

Phoenix Group

In the long run it can be more expensive to stay away from the exhibition than to be present in full force.

Tester Bt.

This time of year is very special for us, since the entire company management as well as all our specialists and consultants convene together in one place; it is primarily an opportunity to meet our customers. In our company, the trade fair is also a good moment to sum up our performance for the past year and to define plans for the coming year.

Joanna Fimińska
Marketing Specialist

For us, the trade fair is a place where we can win over new customers and, above all, keep up our existing contacts. There is quite a substantial interest in our products exhibited. We have heard expressions of interest from foreign exhibitors and visitors, representing mainly companies operating on the eastern markets. I believe that these contacts can be beneficial for us. As we increase the range of our products offered on the market, we use the trade fair to promote our new products. This year, we want to draw our customers' attention to our new containers for hazardous waste.

Otto Poland Sp. z o.o.
Monika Ropska