Taking part in tourism exhibitions is of great importance for us, we can not only develop business contacts, but also get into direct contact with the public.

Tourist Office of Cyprus
Ms. Júlia Szuromi

Irrespective of Internet and other new technologies the fairs remain the only location for establishing contacts among manufacturers of machines and their users. I personally am convinced that it will be like that also in the far future.

Union of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Engineering Technology
Zdenek Kadlec
Deputy Director

We have been coming to the fair since its establishment and we like it. STYL is of a priority importance for the Czech market, it is a prestigious event. A Czech firm which is not here is almost dead.

TIBA Dvur Králové nad Labem
Stanislav Sedlácek
Managing Director

I think trade fairs have an important role to play. For the exhibitors the fair constitutes a significant element of their marketing strategy, allowing them to maintain direct contacts both with the customer, as well as with competitors and suppliers. The fair provides the venue for meetings between the manufacturers wishing to present the latest additions to their range of products and the designers and end users planning to implement new solutions. Trading and service companies use the fair to establish direct business-to-business contacts and specify the terms of future co-operation.

Janusz Tomaszkiewicz

I am convinced of the importance of these gastronomic fairs. It is necessary to stage exhibitions like that where machines, equipment, new technologies and final products are displayed in the only location. Also educational programmes are of great significance. Professionals can exchange their knowledge, views, communicate with one another, enrich one another as only in this way a progress is possible.

International Food Producers Association IGA
Mr. Roger Romrell
Former President
Expert in Marketing in the branch of food sales