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F&H – Fishing and Hunting

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We love and respect sports – even if my grandson said: “I prefer watch soccer on TV, it is not as tiresome as playing it.”

Fishing and Hunting Trade Fairs are becoming very popular. One may say, because we love to be outdoors. Or we can say that Fishing & Hunting are great sports – but ask the rabbit!

F&H trade fairs are often held together and though being patient is common requirement, yet I noticed major differences among the typical visitors. Anglers are more reserved - fishing is a lone fight – just me and the fish – while hunting needs an accord of team. A joint, common experience for hunters – at fairs they are jolly, loud, noisy – and happy together.

Therefore one can feel somewhat different atmosphere at the different areas of the booths if a joint fair is held. Hunters are ready to go a long way (to the fairs) to be together – while fishing fairs are much more often brought closer georaphically to the anglers – sometimes they are cloned and/or re-branded.

Did you see the latest ones? Season is just coming for that!

Károly Nagy

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