SME exhibitor training

CENTREX Union has gained experience and is ready to offer Central East European companies, potential exhibitors comprehensive training, tutoring – mostly aimed at (but not limited to) - small and medium scale organisations, groups of interested individuals about how to participate at trade fairs.

We have organized 25 seminars/trainings – over 400 participants.


  • It is practically a management training: with special focus on trade fair participation but not only
  • this means we emphasize that trade fair are embedded into whole sales and marketing processes and trade fairs participation decisions and their implementations cannot be separated from overall company management
  • this also means we target CEOs and commercial/business management also - not only marketing (and exhibition) executives
  • not lectures but real training focused on practice – experienced trainers plus special forum given to experienced SMEs to tell key elements of their practical successes/failures
  • special tutorials: workbook, checklists, multimedia
  • simulation games in small group work – 3-4 groups each 3-5 people, different tasks, presentation, discussion on their results
  • Special focus each time on actual demands, localised
  • At locations – brought to places of SMEs
  • Cooperation partners are local – locally active fair organisers, local chambers and business development bodies, industry associations

The projects of 2-days seminars are based on

  • how to decide whether to use trade fairs,
  • how to select the right one,
  • how to manage the preparations,
  • how to run the participation,
  • how to implement follow-up and
  • how to measure the return on investment of attending the trade fairs.

As each training is individualised so interested parties can inquire at .

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