Who we are?

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union founded in 1997 is the top exhibition industry transparency organisation in Central Eastern Europe: yet not only for promoting transparency, reliability and real market-value of exhibition statistics (her initial concept), but also in promoting exhibitions as excellent face-to-face marketing tool in general aspect in this region.

CENTREX UNION Mission Statement

  • to establish, implement and maintain transparent exhibition statistics rules and regulations in Central and East Europe according to international standards
  • to maintain transparency of trade fair statistics in CEE providing statistics auditing services for members and non-members

  • to publish, disseminate transparent, audited exhibition statistics internationally

  • to provide members and their partners a pool of international promotional information /materials/researches/knowhow/events and consultation opportunities on trade fairs as effective tool of marketing and communication

  • to assist/offer trade fair marketing education by members and partners in cooperation with marketing specialists, the university lecturers

  • to provide EU-regional platform/events of co-operation and exchanging ideas and experiences for the CEE exhibition market players,

  • to represent interests of members in international forums/associations

The members of CENTREX strive for transparent, measurable, internationally acceptable, comparable, audited exhibition statistics, to promote these data and collaboration internationally, and to publish their data open wide in their annual publication and at their Internet site.

Transparent exhibition statistics is badly needed for right business and marketing decisions for exhibitors, visitors, trade associations alike. So over collecting and publishing statistical data CENTREX has upgraded her activity into joint promotion of the trade fairs as effective tool of face-to-face marketing communication. ("social instrument of marketing")

Based on similar challenges the members decided to identify opportunities and join efforts in competing with other marketing tools, to strengthen the acceptance of the trade fairs based on real market values. Possible ways can be informing each other of the best practice, of the market surveys and opinions, developing joint publications, marketing actions, upgrading web-site accordingly.

The Union is deeply committed to enhancing the acceptance of exhibitions among business community and society in the region.