10 Benefits of Centrex membership

  1. To belong to a professional CEE body /an exclusive club /pioneer who represent the interests of CENTREX members in CEE and worldwide which are: transparency, comparability, trustworthiness.
  2. Joint promotion of market transparency in CEE and worldwide (a tool of excellence) through operating common standards, strict auditing procedures and communication patterns.
  3. Key position in Central East European exhibition statistics brochure.
  4. Disseminating transparent, credible exhibition statistics data – base for USPs.
  5. Joint, unbiased promotion of trade fairs as a tool all over CEE according to our slogan ‘Exhibition Knowledge Provider’ which means to publish joint brochure through different media ‘Why exhibit?, organizing professional forums; titled CEEEF.
  6. Through CENTREX communication, promotion of the members can be doubled, tripled in Central East Europe and worldwide.
  7. Exclusive one-hand access to wide range of international knowhow, organizational and promotion materials (at members area)
  8. A friendly exchange of experience, professional debates.
  9. Joint promotion and research actions (like Global Exhibition Day or VIP Card initiative).
  10. Joint, international approach towards educational institutions, persons (e.g. Student Vision of Trade Fairs competition.)
  11. 10+1. Continuity.

This means that CENTREX is not just statistics, but info, news, image, branding of members’ companies and products, transparency of values.