Why joining? Want to be transparent, want to be reliable?

CENTREX is the major international exhibition industry organisation of Central East Europe. It was established to introduce/maintain transparent exhibition statistics based on international experience and practice – supported by statistics audit.

The members agree applying unified exhibition data of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition space - collecting, processing and presenting of these data. All the members stick to these categories and introduce them on their application forms, publications, press releases etc. (see Regulations)

Transparency also means that all members submit their statistics (after internally processed and prepared) for audit. The members may thus present only audited (authentic, transparent) exhibition data in their communication.

CENTREX means international

CENTREX maintains the international standard of statistics (updating of Regulations whenever necessary), regularly consulting it with other international organisations (is a member of UFI as well) and undertakes the joint publishing of a Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook (of audited, thus transparent, reliable) exhibition data.

CENTREX is acknowledged internationally also as an independent exhibition statistics audit organisation and thus any data audited by CENTREX are also included into the pan-European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook. (EuroFair)

Beyond statistics CENTREX web-site offer a common platform for learning/promoting exhibitions as an efficient marketing tool – for all stakeholders of trade fairs: visitors, exhibitors and for the organisers.