Exhibition Knowledge Center

Onto these pages we have collected a bouquet of materials reflecting some of those values that exhibitions carry in themselves.

Under Exhibition Trends you can find information about

  • exhibitions in general view,
  • their position and role in the marketing mix,
  • their advantageous features and
  • the way how to use them effectively.

The sources of this collection come from the most acknowledged market players, professional bodies, like UFI, AUMA, AEO, etc.

Collection of Exhibitors' Testimonials can be of importance for the organisers and for the professional bodies, - even for anybody in the market who is interested to know the opinion of their customers. This is the reality / the feedback of the practice itself.

Menu point Forums covers events/workshops organised by Centrex that have become brands by themselves already, implemented on very international level and with participants, their themes were up to the date and unique.

  • 1st CEEEF - Central East European Exhibition Forum - discussed the trends and future of building industry trade fairs – what may come after the boom.
  • 2nd CEEEF has widely elaborated on education of exhibitions at university and high schools, education of the customers and of the organisers.
  • 3rd CEEEF - titled "Changing Roles of Research in Adjusting Fairs to Current and Future Demands" was dedicated to what trade fair organisers research – and what they do with the findings.

In Presentations we try to provide access to a number of international presentations, hints and guidance materials, collected from our partners and at international events.

We hope this easy access to our 'collection' - which is set to grow continuously - can be beneficial for those who has limited time to do the digging by herself / himself. We believe this collection can add some more clarity what we consider as important pieces of knowledge about exhibitions, the exhibition industry and the know-how.

We think the best is to 'test the water' and afterwards 'be ready to swim'. Your reflections are most welcome.