Partnership for the new development of the trade fair industry in Central and SE Europe

CENTREX - International Exhibition Statistics Union (Budapest), IEE-Exhibitions Research Institute (Thessaloniki) and CBBS - Management Consulting & Business Building Company Ltd (Zagreb) signed MUO (Memorandum of Understanding) on the future cooperation and partnership in order to help stronger and faster development of the trade fair industry in Central and SE Europe in order to use all business opportunities coming from enlarged EU.

    The partners started the co operation with the following goals:
  • Development and promotion of the F2F events in Central and SE Europe region with the special focus on increasing image, knowledge and importance of F2F events for SMEs, regional development and cross border co operation.
  • Better understanding of F2F events and its benefits for all industry stakeholders; the national and regional economies, local government, institutions and associations.
  • Starting EU projects together with regional and national partners, companies and stakeholders, with possible use of EU funding.
  • Transparent and audited statistics and other data about the F2F events taking place in Central and SE Europe.
  • Lobbying for the interests of the trade fair industry on the national and international level, including EU.
  • Creating market studies about regional/national economy.

MUO was signed for the period of 3 years, starting from October 15, 2010. The partners will initiate and conduct different projects working closely together with the trade fair companies and other stakeholders (SMEs, regional and local government, institutions, associations) from Central and SE Europe however will be opened for the partnerships and initiatives coming from partners from other countries in Europe and world wide.