Central East European 2012 exhibition statistics go on-line soon

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the leading Central East European exhibition industry organization has held her annual CENTREX event – board meeting and exchange of experiences on fresh developments – in Brno, Czech Republic – on invitation of the Veletrhy Brno. 

The 15-years young organisation has now completed her annual exhibition statistics brochure – with audited trade fair data from 7 countries of Central Europe – and this statistics will go on-line soon. 

CENTREX 2012 Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook contains audited exhibition data on 330 trade fairs organized by in 29 cities (from Bucharest, Plovdiv, Budva, Kiev in south-east to Szczecin, Poznan, Gdansk in the north-west). 28 trade fair companies – members of CENTREX and the members of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry – have hosted over 2.6 million visitors, and 45,000 exhibitors have used nearly 1.3 million sq.m. exhibition space to attract the attention of these visitors. (The yearbook will be freely downloadable at: www.centrexstat.org) and the data will be later also included into the UFI EuroFair Statistics Yearbook. 

CENTREX members discussed emerging exhibition industry situation of Central and East Europe, remarkable trends in collaboration with and challenge from partner industry associations. The Board has revised major objectives, CENTREX’s common values and repositioned the organisation as top market transparency platform and strong common voice of the Central East European exhibition industry. The Board has decided to restart direct exchange of organisational experiences among exhibition project managements in different exhibiting sectors.