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Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook 2002 is out.

The current issue of wide ranging Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook this year was published in April with the comprehensive results of the growing membership of 12 organisers and will be integral part of the pan-European yearbook as well. 

The 12 CENTREX members - Poznan International Fair, Trade Fairs Brno, Hungexpo-Budapest, Incheba Bratislava, Incheba Praha, Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice, Kielce Trade Center, V-Trade Exhibitions Debrecen, Euroindex Kiev, Kamaraexpo Szeged and the new members - joined in 2003 - Agrokomplex Nitra and Kiev International Contract Fair - represent nearly two third of the exhibition market of 5 Central East European countries. 

In figures for 2002 this means 203 most significant exhibitions, 3,113,199 visitors, 41,053 exhibitors and 1,411,559 net square meters exhibition area. 

The publication is being distributed among economic and export promotion bodies, trade associations, business chambers, economic press in the respective countries. With special reference to the EU accession extraordinary attention is paid at informing the EU organisations, European institutions, trade associations and obtaining their views as well. 

The main activity of CENTREX is the launch, up keeping and promotion of the system of transparent exhibition statistics by which CENTREX maintains full compatibility with European standards. Highlight of the year is usually the appearance of the joint CENTREX Yearbook with the audited exhibition statistics of the members and launch of the data at web site. 

Beyond this main activity in 2003 CENTREX continues her efforts to become the professional hub of Central East European exhibition business, to be the central institution of collaboration. In its framework the Union beyond being the information and knowledge centre she is to transform into a point of reference, a strong platform of professional debates, exchange of information, lobby-organisation, research institute of the future and relation management of the exhibition industry in the region. 

Different meetings and knowledge centre of the Union make possibility to exchange information and discuss foreseen consequences, changes, development and expectations towards countries and business communities joining the European Union. This has been discussed in details in the latest Board meeting, the focus of which was the expected changes in practical procedures, opportunities and needed preparations, future collaboration and competition. It was said, the probable and consequential changes, challenges and opportunities of being part of the single market, becoming the eastern border of EU would definitely bring along new chances. 

On the eve of joining European Union this kind of flexibility and openness from the part of CEE region are basic requirements.