Centrex Exhibition Statistics Yearbook 2003 is out

The current issue of wide ranging Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook has been published with the comprehensive results of the growing membership of 12 organisers and will be integral part of the pan-European yearbook, as well 

The 12 CENTREX members - Poznan International Fair, Trade Fairs Brno, Hungexpo Budapest, Incheba Bratislava, Incheba Praha, Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice, Kielce Trade Center, V-Trade Exhibitions Debrecen, Euroindex Kiev, Agrokomplex Nitra, Kiev International Contract Fair and the new member (joined in 2004) Expo Arad International from Romania - represent nearly two third of the exhibition market of 6 Central East European countries. 

In figures for 2003 this means 300 significant exhibitions, 3,326,346 visitors, 41,795 exhibitors and 1,465,738 net square meters exhibition area. 

The publication is being distributed among international / national economic and export promotion bodies, trade associations, business chambers, economic press and last but not least jointly to the current focus target group of Central East European educational circles. This year - with special reference to the EU accession - extraordinary attention is paid at informing the EU organisations, European institutions, trade associations and obtaining their views, as well. 

The main activity of CENTREX is the launch, up-keeping and promotion of the system of transparent exhibition statistics by which CENTREX maintains full compatibility with European standards. Highlight of the year is usually the appearance of the joint CENTREX yearbook with the audited exhibition statistics of the members and launch of the data at www.centrexstat.org web site. 

Beyond this main activity in 2004 CENTREX continues her efforts to become the professional hub of Central East European exhibition business, to be the central institution of collaboration. In its framework the Union organised this February in Brno (in collaboration with Trade Fairs Brno) the 2nd CEEEF (Central East European Exhibition Forum) workshop titled as 'Fair Education' with the aim to seat to one table university professors, exhibition organisers and exhibition experts of CEE region and beyond (even of EU - Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands) altogether over 60 participants of 11 eleven countries exchanging their views, sharing their experiences and speaking about education of fairs and exhibitions as marketing tools at universities and business high schools that future collaboration needs. Following the workshop a wider coverage is intended by signing a collaboration deal with Exhibition Association of South East Europe (EASE) also focusing on education of exhibition through institutional relations.