With admission of the Slovakian Trencin Fair Centrex membership grows forth

Board meeting in Czech Republic, Ceské Budejovice, further growing membership, completing of a first-ever, unique Central European Exhibition visitor survey, a value-added process, towards becoming an exhibition knowledge centre.

These are the key words by which the current activity of Centrex International Exhibition Statistics Union, the exhibition knowledge centre of Central East Europe can be characterized. The Union held her 2nd half year Board meeting in Ceské Budejovice on September 3, 2004 by invitation of Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice who joined Centrex in 2001.


The Board had two important topics and actions: 

  1. By admitting of Vystavisko TMM a.s. from Trencín, Slovakia, the membership of Centrex has grown to 13. The newcomer is the 3rd most significant exhibition organiser in Slovakia mostly known after her Fashion and Defence Shows. Vystavisko TMM, a.s. has the 3rd largest exhibition site in Slovakia, on the basis of dimensions of sold exhibition area, number of exhibitiors, total area of the whole exhibition site and yearly turnover. Total area of exhibition ground is 35,000 sqm out of which there is a total exhibition area of 17,000 sqm with 7,000 sqm of covered area and 10,000 sqm of open exhibition area.

    Vystavisko TMM, a.s. Trencín has got its name after her that time most significant exhibition - the International Fair of Fashion and Clothing (TMM - Trencín - Mesto Mody. -Trencín - the Town of Fashion) which took place here for the first time in the year 1963. In year 1991 the joint stock company with six divisions was established. One of them was division of exhibitions, which began to organize exhibitions and fairs. This division was transformed into the join stock compapny that is presently called Vystavisko TMM, a.s., Trencín in the year of 1992. Since that time the number of exhibitions and fairs has rapidly increased in the variety of business. 

    Their exhibition data for 2003: number of exhibitors- 1,286, net exhibition area - 21,039 sq. m, number of visitors - 63,479. From 2005 their audited exhibition figures shall be available both at Centrex Statistical Publication and European Statistics Yearbook 

  2. As Centrex Union has already indicated to the circle of the European Exhibition Industry the first-ever Central East European Visitor Survey Report has been completed. The research on visitorship was conducted in 2003-2004, and were done in both sectors - B2B and B2C -, it had covered 5 countries, 11 cities, 35 fairs/exhibitions and over 6,000 visitors. A separate Press Release is being issued on the major findings. The first international presentation is expected to take place at UFI Congress in Bangkok, in November this year.

    The report shall be printed in English. It can be ordered from October 1, 2004 at Centrex secretariat (Ildikó Bóta coordinator, ) at EUR 80 +VAT. 

As further decision in order to strengthen activity of joint promotion of the industry as well as professional knowledge the Board has decided to organise informal meetings of exchange of practice and experience for their relevant staff eg. in pursuing marketing activities. 

Was also discussed how to implement new agreements of collaboration with CEFA (Central European Fair Alliance) and with EASE (Exhibition Association of South East Europe) both signed in spring 2004. There are planned meeting on executive level this year and on junior levels early next year. Specially coordination and cooperation at the educational field will be object of future implementation.