CENTREX - the exhibition knowledge provider

Knowledge center with new members

New members, new slogan and 'e-CENTREX'. Shortly summarized these were the most important highlights in the life of CENTREX in the past half year. And of course, the Centrex Statistics Yearbook 2004 has been published.

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the Central East European collaboration organisation has held her 2005 Board Meeting on March 31st, 2005 in Arad, Romania.

Among major developments an 'e-CENTREX' was launched a few days prior to the Board meeting. CENTREX website was refurbished and substantially upgraded. With the intention to provide expanded knowledge on the exhibition industry trends presentations, know-how and 'Best practice' hints have been added resulting in an electronic encyclopaedia where very useful materials, 'How to...s' are posted. Knowledge is made openly accessible at a platform where complete volumes of available information is concentrated for marketing specialists, exhibition organisers and exhibitors, visitors alike. CENTREX concept was to bring the global knowledge on exhibitions, trade fairs to one address, making it unnecessary for her members and non-members, exhibitors to search long hours for new developments, solutions, best practice examples, advices at different websites. 

The website now operates as a centre, provides access to all members about different views, presentations, materials, know-how collected from all over the world, from seminars, programmes, congresses attended or from sources providing CENTREX with useful hints, from regular surfing at various websites to dig out open materials. 

A new feature of launching this knowledge provider concept is to give access to members also to materials which were procured, received from restricted sources: plus the Members’ Area additionally presents interactivity for members to actualise their data, exhibition programmes etc. 

The 'e-CENTREX' would like to make joining of new members clear, attractive and easy. At the menu point of 'Joining members' very detailed information, step-by-step procedure is available. So CENTREX presents her openness, to enrich the community of exhibition industry experts. 

CENTREX continued to grow: in Arad (additionally to the first Romanian EXPO ARAD joining in 2004) 3 new members gained admittance. ROMEXPO, the leading Romanian exhibition organiser and venue owner from Bucharest, and Intermarketing & Consulting - running trade fairs in Cluj and Bucharest were the joining companies from Romania, Ostrava Fairs from Czech Republic also arrived as a new member. By this the March 2005 CENTREX membership has grown to 16 - a continuous trend in the 8-years history of the international organisation to promote transparency of trade fair statistics and commitment to developing professionalism in the exhibition industry in Central East Europe. 

What did Centrex represent in 2004 in Europe? 231 fairs/exhibitions, 1,573,574 m2. net exhibition area, 46,297 exhibitors (among them 8,974 foreign) 3,413,652 visitors (!). These are the major figures of 'Central Eastern European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook' CENTREX has freshly published.