Press release

Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook 2002 is out.

The current issue of wide ranging Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook this year was published in April with the comprehensive results of the growing membership of 12 organisers and will be integral part of the pan-European yearbook as well. 

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, leading co-operation body of Central East European exhibition industry has held her jubilary Board of Directors meeting on February 11, 2003 in Budapest, celebrating the first 5 years of CENTREX joint activity.

Workshop on Construction Trade Fairs in the region

The Slovakian Agrokomplex Nitra and the Ukrainian Kiev International Contract Fair have joined to Centrex Union

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union has sat for her second Board of Directors meeting this year in Poznan. It was an extended meeting like in Brno in February and in Kielce in June 2001. 

The first interregional collaboration agreement of CENTREX Union has been signed with AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) at the 2002 AUMA German Exhibition Forum recently.

Institutionalising and reinforcing the occasional collaboration started in the 90ies and with special relation to the coming Enlargement of the European Union both organisations envisaged the need to widen the cooperation between them in order to better serve their respective economies.

New design, usual quality, of course. These are two features of the Y2K+1 publication of the members of CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, which is available from May 2002 for international business community.

Audited exhibition statistics now in five countries - an Ukrainian company joining

At the first meeting in 2002 of CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union (12 February, 2002, Brno) Ukraine joined to the current four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia), as well. Euroindex Ltd. from Kyev has become the tenth member of CENTREX. The newcomer is the second most significant Ukrainian exhibition organiser organising 6 high-tech trade fairs yearly.

Campaign of joint promotion of exhibitions

In the last four years the name CENTREX has become a brand name in exhibition world of Central and Eastern Europe.

The political and economical changes in CEE region demanded establishment of proper guidance in the exhibition industry for companies willing to do business through attending trade shows in the region. It was needed to provide creditworthy meters for justifying the investment made and as elsewhere it was found in the form of transparent, comparable, regionwise unified, audited statistics. Concept was drawn up and implemented in 1997 by the most significant exhibition organisers in the region. CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union was created and since then the ball rolls.