Press release

More than 1,5 million square meters, 43500 exhibitors, 3,1 million visitors - these are the CENTREX numbers for 2009. Audited statistics of 20 significant exhibition organisers in 7 Central Eastern countries is already including UFI recognized fairs of International Fair Plovdiv and Renexpo Exhibition of REECO Romania (they are the newcomers in 2009).

Like in 2008, CENTREX annual statistics yearbook and CD also includes again the audited statistics of the members of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry which covered cca. 95% of Polish exhibition market. Our yearbook - which has been published for 13 years now - is very useful for customers of exhibitions; visitors and exhibitors first for real and assured 'picture' on the choice of exhibitions and also for the 'branch' professionals (trends, information, analysis etc). 

The audited 2008 exhibition statistics from Central East Europe is now out of the print.CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, established in 1997 to introduce and supervise exhibition transparency in this region is now publishing the fresh market value indicators. The audit process of the exhibition media in Central East Europe means the fairs undergoing internationally acknowleged scrutiny to arrive at credible, internationally comparable and reliable trade fair statistics.

Altogether the 18 CENTREX member fair organisers who have submitted their statistics for this audit process has staged exactly 278 trade fairs and exhibitions, accounting of over 3.047,386 visits, where nearly 49,787 exhibitors presented their products and services (among them 21 p.c. direct foreign exhibitors). They have used 1.925,833 sq. m. net exhibition space for their appearences.

On June, 4th in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) there were announced winners of the 13th International Fair Poster Competition* which is annually held by UFI and Plovdiv International Fair. 100 posters submitted by 32 trade fair organizers from 22 countries took part in the competition. The Grand-Prix was awarded to trio of posters "Created by Nature" - RENEXPO Eastern Europe / Alternative Energy trade fair and conference**which will be held for the first time by Euroindex(Ukraine) and REECO (Germany) this autumn in Kiev, Ukraine.

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the Central East European exhibition industry transparency body has held its annual board meeting and the 2009 Forum on May 8, 2009 in Budapest.

Major milestone has been reached when 2 new members enhanched the transparency drive by CENTREX: leading Bulgarian exhibition organizer International Plovdiv Fair (an UFI member since 1936) and young Romanian company REECO Expozitii RO undertook independent exhibition statistics audit and joined the Union at this meeting. By this move CENTREX will be able to provide internationally acknowledged exhibition statistics in 7 countries of the region. 

Responding to the call of the time the Board has revised mission, strategy and operational goals. The Board agreed to release a "SIGN" (Statistics, Information, Good Neighborhood) concept. 

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union has at her recent Board meeting approved the joining application of REECO Hungary as the 18th member of the organisation. 

The new member is the organiser of a trade fair of the new trends: renewable energy. This fair RENEXPO Central & South-East Europe has been held for the 2nd time and is bound for a great success. (REECO Hungary is a subsidiary of German group REECO who is a member of FKM)

Last month Euro Fair Statistics 2006 was published. The electronic yearbook includes the audited statistics of 1.584 trade fairs and exhibitionsexhibitions from 19 countries, including Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine.

The leader in Ukraine's exhibition industry is almost as old as Ukrainian independence

Euroindex - one of Ukraine's leading exhibition companies - has celebrated its 15th birthday. Today, the company occupies the No. 1 position in Ukraine in the b2b trade shows segment, and second place in Ukraine's exhibition industry as a whole.

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union has held her jubilary, 10th anniversary Board meeting on April 13, 2007 in Debrecen (Hungary) on invitation of her relevant local member, V-Trade Exhibitions Ltd. At this Board meeting CENTREX continued her growing coverage of Central and East Europe: Ukrainian Gal-EXPO JSC from Lviv joined the Union.